Plastimo Iris 50 Bearing and Orientation Compasss Price: £69.99 (as of 13/08/2022 11:51 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Le mer vous sourit


The Iris 50 from Plastimo is still our all-time favourite hand-bearing compass. Tough and dependable, not to mention well proven over thousands of sea miles, the Iris 50 is an essential bit of kit for any navigator to have on board.With its built-in prism, this compass allows you to read a bearing without shifting your eyes off your mark—you get more accurate bearings faster and without eyestrain. Dial and needle are photo-luminescent, no batteries required; recharge in sun or other bright light. Ruggedly built with a soft expansion diaphragm to prevent leaks and bubbles. Very hard crystal resists scratches that can make compass hard to read. Waterproof. 1° gradations.Features: Configuration: Puck style Sighting System: Infinity prism Illumination: Photo luminescent lighting 3.3″dia. x 1.3″H Five-year warranty Available in Blue or Yellow

Le mer vous sourit

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