Red Bull Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

Unsurprisingly, energy drinks are intended to provide you with more energy, with companies marketing them as being able to stimulate your mind and body. The two main ingredients providing this ‘stimulation’ are sugar and caffeine, with a typical energy drink Read more…
Recovery drink

Recovery Drinks

When you exercise, your body is depleted of energy and important nutrients. Recovery drinks can help to combat this, as drinking them after a workout can help to replace the lost nutrients and energy. Rehydration is a major part of Read more…


Smoothies have been around for a long time, but more recently have been marketed towards people who are health conscious or on a diet, due to them being relatively easy to make and having a great taste, whilst generally being Read more…
Sports drinks

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are targeted at those taking part in exercise, and used to rehydrate athletes after they sweat during exercise. Sweating occurs to keep the core body temperature at 37°C. Manufacturers generally say sports drinks replace water, energy and electrolytes Read more…

Recovery, energy and sports drinks, as well as smoothies, can all be included in your diet to prevent you from becoming dehydrated. Good hydration is incredibly important when trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, and you need to make sure your diet includes plenty of water.

Sports drinks can help you replenish fluids lost during exercise, and recovery drinks can help your muscles recover after exercising, as well as replenishing your body’s glycogen stores.

Smoothies can help you consume more fruit, and can be a great tasting, healthy addition to your diet.

Below you can find more information about the different drinks, helping you to make an informed decision on whether you should include any of them into your diet, and if so, which ones.

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