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Elliptical Trainer Cross Trainer

Cross trainers, or elliptical trainers, are stationary exercise machines. They are used to simulate walking, running or even climbing, without putting excessive pressure on users’ joints. This lower risk of injury therefore makes them an appealing choice to people who want to get fit.

The intensity of exercise can be light or heavy, depending on the resistance settings and speed at which you choose to go at. You are also able to change the range of leg motion to target different muscles and/or alter the difficulty.

A cross trainer can provide a full body workout, although some types do not work the upper body as some components may be stationary. They are similar to treadmills, in terms of how exerted your legs and heart are during the exercises.

If you are looking to have a piece of equipment in your home for cardio exercise, you may want to choose the cross trainer due to it being relatively quiet, because there are no footfalls, unlike with treadmills.

If you were to buy your own cross trainer, a standard new one may set you back approximately £200, depending on the model chosen. However, cheaper ones are available.

Physiotherapy with a cross trainer

For people who have an injury, cross trainers may be a way for them to keep fit, depending on the injury sustained. This is because a cross trainer allows you to take part in non-impact cardio exercise, helping to protect the injury whilst allowing the person to gradually regain fitness.

However, it is important to remember that it is still weight-bearing exercise, so if you have an injury you should consult a doctor before taking part in exercise.

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