Low Fat Diets

Low Fat Diet

Low fat diets are when you cut the amount of fat in your diet, including saturated fat. This often helps lower your cholesterol levels, reducing your risk of developing heart disease or obesity, as well as other health problems.

Slimming World diet

This low fat diet is designed to help you lose approximately 1 to 2 lbs each week. It requires no calorie counting, and no foods are banned, which makes it quite a simple diet to follow.

There is a list of food which you can eat an unlimited amount of (within reason), including: fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, pasta, lean meat, rice and potatoes. Because you can eat any food, it makes it family-friendly and allows you to have varied, balanced meals.

Depending on which Slimming World plan you follow, you will have to stick to a certain portion size for each food group. You will not need to count calories.

Slimming World offers group meetings each week where you can receive valuable group support from fellow dieters, as well as an exercise plan to increase your physical activity levels. There is also a “Body Magic” booklet, which contains ideas on how to increase your exercise levels.

However, some people may struggle to make healthy choices in the long-term once they stop the programme. This is because although you do not need to count calories during the diet, you do not receive education about portion sizes and calories, so once you come off the diet you may return to bad habits.

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