Exercise Bike/Stationary Bike

Exercise Bike Stationary Bike

Exercise bikes, sometimes called stationary bikes, are pieces of exercise equipment for your legs. They include pedals, handlebars and a saddle like normal bikes, but they are stationary and not used for transportation.

In short, they are bikes without proper wheels. They will allow you to change the resistance in order to make the cycling more difficult, and means you can cycle at different intensities. In terms of being able to constantly tailor the difficulty to suit you, exercise bikes are definitely one of the best pieces of equipment you can choose for cardio exercise.

How to use an exercise bike

When using an exercise bike, you will sit on the saddle, place your feet on the pedals (often held in place by straps), and then simply pedal away as if you were on a normal bike. To increase the resistance you will usually have to change the gears up, and back down to make it easier.

Some exercise bikes will have handles connected to the pedals, allowing you to exercise your upper body as well as your legs.

For those looking to have a piece of cardio equipment in their own home, you may want to consider an exercise bike due to their relatively small size, and low noise levels, compared to other pieces of equipment.

If you wanted to buy your own exercise bike, a standard new one may cost you approximately £150, but cheaper bikes are available. You can also buy mini exercise bikes which consist of just the pedals and resistance components, which you would use whilst you are sat down on the sofa for example.

Physiotherapy with exercise bikes

Exercise bikes can be an effective piece of equipment for those who have suffered an injury and want to gradually improve their fitness back up. Of course, this depends on the injury sustained, and you should visit your doctor before you begin taking part in exercise again.

They are useful for regaining fitness because they do not put pressure on your joints, due to the exercise being low-impact.

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