Free Weights

Dumbbells Hand Weight

Dumbbells and Hand Weights

Dumbbells are the most commonly used hand weight, and are great pieces of equipment to have in your house, due to their small size. Hand weights are alternatives to dumbbells, and are smaller and normally lighter than dumbbells. Dumbbells Dumbbells Read more…
Flat Exercise Bench

Exercise Benches

Primarily only found in gyms, exercise benches are useful pieces of equipment which help allow for a range of resistance exercises to be performed using free weights, which would otherwise be impossible or difficult to perform. There are multiple types Read more…


A kettlebell is used to perform exercises which combine flexibility training with strength and cardiovascular training. They are like cannonballs with a handle attached, and are normally made from cast-iron or cast steel. Developed in Russia in the 18th century, Read more…
Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls and Exercise Balls

Medicine balls and exercise balls are two different pieces of equipment. They are relatively cheap and very useful additions to workouts, often used to help maximise the number of muscles used during exercises. Medicine balls Sometimes referred to as exercise Read more…
Power Station Smith Machine

Power Station

A power station is, simply, a large frame that holds a barbell (sometimes referred to as an Olympic bar), and can be used to do several exercises. Some power stations have fixed, adjustable machine weights, whilst others have a free Read more…

Free weights, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and medicine balls, can be added to your workout to help provide more resistance to your muscles when exercising. You can also utilise power stations, exercise benches and exercise balls, as you look to develop your muscles further.

One of the benefits of free weights over fixed weight machines is that you are often forced to engage the smaller muscles in your body to stabilise yourself during exercises, which is rare with fixed weights. Free weights are also fairly inexpensive, and easy to use at home, unlike cardio machines and fixed weight machines.

There are a number of free weights and useful pieces of equipment that you can use, and you can access information for each section below.

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