Dumbbells and Hand Weights

Dumbbells Hand Weight

Dumbbells are the most commonly used hand weight, and are great pieces of equipment to have in your house, due to their small size. Hand weights are alternatives to dumbbells, and are smaller and normally lighter than dumbbells.


Dumbbells are small enough for you to hold one in each hand, although they can be used individually. They are often used to develop strength in your arms, but they can also be used to add more resistance to other exercises such as squats and even sit ups. The following are a number of different types of dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells

Dumbbells Hand Weight

These are the standard form of dumbbell used. An adjustable dumbbell consists of a metal bar, with a grip in the middle. At each end you can slide weight discs onto the bar, until you have attached the desired total weight, or there is no more space left on the bar for more discs. You will then need to screw on collars, which secure the weights onto the bar.

It is very important to ensure the collars are as tight as possible, to prevent the discs from falling off as you lift them, avoiding damage or injury.

Fixed-weight dumbbells

Fixed Weight Dumbbells

These are weights created into the shape of dumbbells, and the weight cannot be changed. They are typically made from cast iron or concrete, with a rubber or plastic outer-casing to improve the comfort of them.

One of the main benefits of fixed-weight dumbbells over other dumbbells is the fact that the weights are secure, they can’t shake about and they cannot fall off, which is sometimes an issue with adjustable dumbbells.

Selectorised dumbbells

These are rather uncommon, and are a more technical version of adjustable dumbbells. The dumbbells rest in a stand, and by rotating a dial or moving a component, you can select which weight you want to remain attached to the metal bar when you lift it off the stand.

With selectorised dumbbells, it is very easy and convenient to change weight, as you do not need to keep undoing the collars and attaching or removing discs manually.

The stand can also be used as storage for the weights that are not being used at any given time.

Hand weights

Hand Weight

These are very small (and fairly light) versions of fixed-weight dumbbells. Being rather light, these are typically used by people who generally struggle to lift much weight.

You can also get hand weights which are just like weighted gloves, which you can wear during exercise to increase the effort you need to put in.

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