Cardio Machines

Elliptical Trainer Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer/Elliptical Trainer

Cross trainers, or elliptical trainers, are stationary exercise machines. They are used to simulate walking, running or even climbing, without putting excessive pressure on users’ joints. This lower risk of injury therefore makes them an appealing choice to people who Read more…
Exercise Bike Stationary Bike

Exercise Bike/Stationary Bike

Exercise bikes, sometimes called stationary bikes, are pieces of exercise equipment for your legs. They include pedals, handlebars and a saddle like normal bikes, but they are stationary and not used for transportation. In short, they are bikes without proper Read more…
Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine/Indoor Rower

Rowing machines replicate the actions involved with rowing a boat on water, and are great exercise machines to improve your cardiovascular fitness. They provide a full-body workout, and allow you to take part in low-impact exercise, which helps prevent joint Read more…
Treadmill Running


Treadmills are one of the most frequently used pieces of fitness equipment, primarily due to being fairly straightforward to use, and the similarity to normal running, which is the cardio exercise of choice for most people. However, everyone using a Read more…

Cardio machines will help improve your cardiovascular fitness, and there are a number of options. Treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowing machines are some of the most popular and effective cardio machines available, both in gyms or to buy for your home.

We are here to help you understand how they work and which one could be the most beneficial for you and your fitness goals. Also, if you have suffered a sports injury, you can find out which one will be the most suitable in aiding your recovery.

See above for more information on which piece of cardio equipment will be most suitable for you.

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