Calisthenics and Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Calisthenics

Calisthenics training involves bodyweight exercises being performed. There are many exercises which can be completed, such as squats, press ups, chin ups, crunches, and lunges.

Calisthenics’ popularity has soared in recent years, and it is a great way to work out to the fact that access to equipment is not necessary. Obviously for some exercises such as chin ups, you will need something strong to hold onto, but the only weight used each time is your body.

Can different body parts be targeted?

There are a huge number of variations of each exercise, which can target many different body parts. Take press ups, for example. For the classic version, hands are shoulder-width apart, feet are together, you lower yourself to the floor and then return to the starting position. This is one repetition.

You can then try out a number of different positions, such as placing your hands far-apart from each other, or right beside each other, to change up the difficulty and the muscles targeted. Not only this, but you can place your hands or feet at different heights, move around during the press-ups, or even perform claps as you push yourself up powerfully.

Why is calisthenics popular?

One of the main reasons that calisthenics is popular is because it doesn’t require any weights or gym equipment. This means you do not need a gym membership, saving you money, and you can work out in the comfort of your own home.

It has also grown in popularity thanks in part to groups such as Barstarzz, who upload videos of themselves performing complex and difficult exercises, using just their bodyweights. They have built up large fan bases around the world and brought more attention to calisthenic exercises.

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